L’Oréal Professional

Established in 1909 in Paris, L’Oréal swiftly expanded its production capabilities, enabling the efficient manufacturing of a diverse array of beauty products. This rapid growth propelled L’Oréal to become a global leader in the beauty market, boasting a portfolio of over 500 brands and offering thousands of individual products across more than 150 countries.

Presently, L’Oréal stands as the foremost cosmetics producer worldwide, backed by a century of experience in the industry. The company remains dedicated to introducing innovative, high-quality products to the market, aiming to fulfill the diverse beauty desires of its customers. Its market-leading position is sustained by robust scientific research, a penchant for tackling new challenges, and an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and creativity.

L’Oréal places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection. The company is driven by a desire to enhance the well-being, self-esteem, and radiance of individuals through its unique products. Consequently, L’Oréal is committed to making its product range widely accessible, striving to reach people everywhere and acquaint them with the brand.