Jockey is a well-known brand for men’s innerwear, and its briefs collection is popular for providing comfort, support, and style. Jockey’s briefs for men come in various designs, patterns, and shades to cater to different needs and preferences. The collection offers both mid-rise and low-rise waist briefs suitable for various activities, including lounging, athletic, and sporting needs.

Jockey uses premium fabrics infused with innovative technologies like Moisture Move, StayFresh, and StayDry to ensure that the wearer stays fresh and dry throughout the day. These technologies help in moisture management and odor control, making Jockey briefs a reliable choice for daily wear.

Jockey has been offering its men’s briefs collection in India since 1994, and it has become a go-to brand for many men looking for quality innerwear that provides both comfort and style.


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