Jockey uses a variety of fabrics in its men’s briefs collection, depending on the style and purpose of the briefs. Some of the fabrics used include:

  • Super Combed Cotton: A high-quality cotton fabric that is combed to remove shorter fibres and impurities, making it compact, finer, and stronger.
  • Cotton Elastane Stretch/Cotton Lycra Stretch: A blend of cotton and synthetic fibre elastane that provides exceptional stretch and grip while remaining comfortable.
  • Mercerized Cotton: A cotton fabric that is treated with alkali chemicals to increase lustre, softness, and strength.
  • Pima Cotton/Supima Cotton: A premium variant of cotton that is soft, absorbent, and used in seamless briefs.
  • Modal/Micro Modal: A premium cellulosic fibre made from beech trees that is strong, resilient, and has minimal shrinkage, with a silky feel and bright colours.
  • Tencel/Lyocell: An eco-friendly fabric made from wood pulp that is lightweight, moisture absorbent, and has a silky feel and natural anti-bacterial properties.
  • Tactel: A specialty premium fibre that is soft, breathable, and quickly drying, making it ideal for athletic briefs.

Jockey’s men’s briefs collection offers a range of fabrics to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that the wearer feels comfortable and confident throughout the day.


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